Musician / Band Jazz
Technoir is a psychedelic soul/nu jazz duo based in
Milan active since 2014.
The core members are :
Alexandros (aka Sound Activist) : guitars, beats, synths, vocals.
Jennifer (aka Jennyfire) : vocals, fx, pads.
Alexandros has Greek origins and was raised between Italy and the island of Kerkyra,
while Jennifer was born in Italy by Nigerian and Ghanaian parents.
The duo's sound mixes jazz, electronica, soul and improvisation with a restless sonic
research. 2016 lead to an intense live activity throughout Italy and Europe that let
Technoir reach clubs like La Maroquinerie (Paris), Santeria Social Club (opening act
for Romare), Magnolia, Apollo club (opening for DAM FUNK) and BIKO Club (Milan).
During the last year they also started releasing a series of 3Ps (three song Eps
published every three months) that formed their debut album NeMui, out on April 21st
2017 for the label Cane Nero Dischi.

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